15 Easy Back To School Gifts For Teachers That They Will Love

Back to School Teacher Gifts

Need ideas for back to school gifts for teachers? You are sure to find the perfect gift for your teacher from these 15 gift ideas.

When back to school season comes around, it’s not only the kids that need to stock up on school supplies.

Many teachers buy supplies out of their own budgets, and that can get quite costly in a classroom of 20+ students. If you want to surprise your child’s teacher with a fun back to school teacher gift, here are some things that they’ll actually use.

Teachers always appreciate gift cards and school supplies because it helps them replenish their supply closet, or they can at least buying some supplies out of pocket. It’s a nice way to get the year off to a great start, and it shows the teacher that you’re invested in your child’s education.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for a great (and affordable) back to school teacher gift, scan and pin this list. It’s full of great ideas that will earn you the A+ parenting award!

Back To School Teacher Gift Ideas They’ll Actually Use


Gift Card Back to School Gift Printable

  • Gift Card Back to School Gift

Supply your child’s teacher with a gift card to use at a store that sells school supplies. The tag reads, “Because back to school shopping isn’t just for students.” How fitting!

Get printable at Somewhat Simple


Jar of School Supplies gift for teacher

  • Jar of School Supplies

A huge jar filled with school supplies and puns? Yes, please! Our favorite is the ruler with a tag that reads, “I hope I can measure up this year!”

Idea via Viva Veltoro


Notepad Teacher Gift

  • Notepad Teacher Gift

Sticky notes are a teacher’s best friend! This “noteworthy” gift is inexpensive and practical, but the tag makes it look super cute and thoughtful.

See more at Hunny I’m Home


School Glue Wreath Teacher Gift

  • School Glue Wreath Teacher Gift

Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st-grade teachers go through lots of glue each year, so you’ll be surprised at how quickly they’ll use up the supplies in this fun wreath.

This idea is from iheartcraftythings


Scissor Teacher Gift Idea

  • Scissor Teacher Gift Idea

Again, you really can’t go wrong with items that teachers can use in the classroom. And frequently, teachers have students whose families can’t buy school supplies for their children, so items like these scissors—with the super cute printable tag—come in handy.

Find this printable at Simple Everyday Mom


Lip Balm Teacher Gift

  • Lip Balm Teacher Gift

Who says an apple for the teacher has to be an actual apple? This lip balm gift is so clever. And every woman knows you need a desk lip balm, a car lip balm, a purse lip balm… In other words, you can never have too many!

Cute idea from The Country Chic Cottage


Highlighter Teacher Gift

  • Highlighter Teacher Gift

Highlighters are a great idea for teachers! They can be used in planning, grading, or for students who forget to bring their own. You can make a bunch of these highlighter gifts for just a few dollars.

As seen on Hunny I’m Home


Pencil Teacher Gift

  • Pencil Teacher Gift

Any first-year teacher who doesn’t have many decorations for her room would absolutely love a personalized pencil like this to put on her wall or desk!

Learn how with Artsy Fartsy Mama


School Supplies Gift Basket

  • School Supplies Gift Basket

Put a gift basket together that contains lots of different school supplies! Dry-erase markers, glue sticks, white-out, pencils, and crayons are always excellent choices for elementary classrooms.

See how at Craft Create Cook


Personalized Teacher Hand Sanitizer

  • Personalized Teacher Hand Sanitizer

It’s no secret that schools are one of the most common places where germs are spread. Hand sanitizer is a welcome gift in classrooms, and personalizing a large refillable bottle is a cute idea!

Find out more at That’s What Che Said


Ice Breaker Back to School Gift

  • Ice Breaker Back to School Gift

What a wonderful way to help the teacher get to know your child! This Ice Breakers mint gift includes a tag with the child’s favorite color, favorite book, favorite toy, etc.

Try this gift at Tried and True


Dry Erase Marker Teacher Gift

  • Dry Erase Marker Teacher Gift

Here’s an easy DIY you can do in just a few minutes using dry erase markers. The tag for a “re-mark-able” year is a sweet and colorful touch.

Tag available at On My Kids Plate


Sharpie Teacher Gift

  • Sharpie Teacher Gift

Here’s another back to school gift ideas for teachers with markers! This one uses Sharpies, but really, you can use it for dry erase markers or for boxes of markers for the kids to use in the classroom.

You can get this printable via The Suburban Mom


Plant Pot Teacher Gift

  • Plant Pot Teacher Gift

These plant pot wrappers are gorgeous. You can put plants in the pots or fill the pots with school supplies instead. A plant may really brighten up the classroom if your child’s teacher is all set for school supplies.

Tutorial via Somewhat Simple


USB Charger Teacher Gift

  • USB Charger Teacher Gift

If you want something a little different for welcome back to school teacher gifts how about a charger. A car charger for phones and tablets can be useful, and the tag is fun and clever. You may want to find out what sort of phone your child’s teacher has before purchasing a certain type of charger; or, you could get the type that has plug-ins for both iPhone and Android phones.

See more at The Crafting Chicks

Supplies For Back To School Gift For Teacher

Click on the links below to order your teacher supplies online:

Can you think of a back to school teacher gift we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments below.


Back To School Teachers Gifts


Teacher Back To School Gifts

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