5 Online Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Online Teachers Thank You Ideas

Want to say thank you to an amazing teacher? Find the perfect online teacher appreciation ideas

With Teachers Day coming up you may be trying to think of ways to say Thank you to a teacher online.

With the changes that happened in the World in 2020 more and more teachers have been teaching children online. This has brought many new challenges and difficulties to teachers. All around the world we have seen teachers step up and except this new role with caring, patience and dedication.

With homeschooling and online learning it can be hard to give the usual teachers gifts.

Don’t worry though, there are still lots of special ways you show a teacher how special they are if you are e-learning and to say a BIG thank you for all that they have been doing.

Keep reading to find some easy online teacher appreciation gifts.

  • Online Teacher Thank You Printable

Teacher Appreciation Messages

You can easily adapt teacher appreciation printables to send a message online.

Here are some ideas:

  • Send the printable via email in a PDF.
  • Print out the printable then take a photo of your child holding the printable and email to the teacher.

Click to find these cute teacher appreciation printables.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation

Or fill out a gorgeous personalized printable for your teacher here.

  • Online Teacher Letter Of Appreciation

Letter of Appreciation To Teacher

There really is nothing more personal and special than a thank you letter written just for your teacher.

Taking the time to write note with all the reasons why your teacher is amazing, what they have helped you learn and why you will always remember them is sure to be a teachers gift they will always treasure.

Some ways to send a thank you letter to a teacher online are:

  • Write it in an email
  • Read out your letter and send as a video or through your online learning platform
  • Write as a document and send through your online learning platform.
  • Check with your school, they may be able to post notes to teachers for you. If this is the case you can send your handwritten note to the school and they can forward to your teacher.

Get some tips on how to write a teacher letter of appreciation here.

  • Make A Online Slideshow

With programs like Powerpoint, Adobe spark and imovie it is super easy to make fun online slideshows. Add things like best teacher quotes, photographs, music and images of special craft made for the teacher.

You could even ask other classmates to prepare a slide each and make a class thank you message for the teacher.

This is sure to bring a smile to any teachers face!

  • Teacher eGift Cards

Teacher egift

If you normally like to give teachers gift cards then it is still possible to do this online with egift cards.

Places like Amazon have eGifts for lots of different stores from Books, to Whole Foods and Netflix.

You can easily send these via email or through your online learning program. Don’t forget to add a personal note saying thank you.

If you know your teacher well then be sure to look for products you know they love or fits their hobbies and passions.

Find the best egift cards here HERE


  • Make A Teacher Appreciation Movie

With so many easy to use online programs from simple smart phone videos to imovie, it is so easy to create a special online movie for your teacher.

Your movie is only limited by your imagination!

Maybe you could sing a song, play an instrument, record a special thank you message, add photographs or even make up a fun play!

If you are a little more skilled with technology ( or willing to learn with some online tutorials) you could as your classmates to help you create a class thank you. Each student could video their own small part and it is then edited together for the complete message.

You can then send this via email, a private youtube message or other online method. Be sure to check all privacy settings before sending this so that it is just your teacher that has access.



Elearning Teacher Appreciation

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