Cute Ruler Frame Teacher Appreciation Gift DIY

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

Want to create a Teacher Appreciation Gift DIY that any teacher will love to receive? Follow this easy tutorial to make a cute “Teacher You Rule” frame. 

Teachers gifts don’t need to be expensive. Taking the time to craft and personalize a teachers appreciation gift is one the best ways to show you are really grateful for all they do.

This easy homemade teacher appreciation gift can be used as a cute teacher desk decoration or even as part of their classroom display.

Keep reading to find out how to make this best teacher picture frame!

Teacher Frame Gift

Teacher You Rule Gift

Here is everything you need to know to make your own “Teacher You Rule” appreciation gift with a simple supply list and east step-by-step tutorial.

Pencil Frame List of Supplies

Teacher Appreciation DIY craft supplies

Before you start be sure you have all your supplies ready! Click on the items below if you need to buy more craft supplies.

Ruler Frame Instructions

Follow this easy step by step teacher gift tutorial to create your own gorgeous teacher picture frame.

diy teacher gift Frame

1.Print and cut out the template patterns ( Just click on the button blow to get your free templates).

Carefully trace the ruler shapes on yellow colored cardstock paper and trace the stationary paper layout on a white paper. Cut out the traced patterns.

Find Free Printable Templates For Ruler Frame HERE


2.Use a black marker to trace the details and numbers on the ruler. If you want a paper effect for your note in the frame then use red and blue marker to trace the lines on the stationary paper layout.

Ruler Frame For Teacher


3.We are using a purple glitter paper to trace the star shape. Also, select colored craft papers for the pencil and apple papercraft. Trace and cut out the pencil and apple patterns.

Teacher Appreciation DIY Craft


4.Stick the pencil patterns on the pencil base and also attach the apply patterns to complete the apple papercraft.

Homemade teacher gift


5.Attach the apple and the star on paperclips.

How To Make a DIY teacher appreciation gift


6.Cut out a craft foam board for the craft base. The size of the craft foam board base should be half an inch more on all 4 sides compared to the stationary paper layout.  Carefully and nicely stick the stationary paper pattern in the middle of the foam board base.

Teacher DIY appreciation gift


7.Stick the cardstock paper rulers along all 4 sides of the foam board.

DIY Ruler Frame


8.Use a black marker to write down a message to the teacher on the stationary paper.

Teacher Appreciation Message Frame

Need help with what to put in the frame? Here are some ideas:

9.Stick the paper pencil along a side of the stationary paper and also attach the apple and star paperclips with the frame.

Ruler Frame Gift For Teacher


You can decorate the frame with more accessories if you want to! You can also create your own accessories for a more personalized gift with things that the teacher loves or items that represent their hobbies. 

Some ideas are flowers, sports items, or even little caricatures of the class children.

Did you make this craft for a teacher? We would love to hear what the teachers said about it so be sure to let us know in the comments below.


DIY Frame For Teacher Gift


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