15 Teachers Day Gift Ideas Every Teacher Wants To Receive

Teachers Day Gifts Ideas DIY

Show the teachers in your life how special they are with these amazing Teachers Day gift ideas.

Every May, we celebrate National Teacher Day. This day honors the mark that teachers make on the lives of their students.

It’s observed on Tuesday during the first full week of May, and the celebrations for teachers usually extend throughout the entire week.

So, if you’re looking for some cute Teacher Day gifts to show your appreciation for your kids’ teachers, we’ve found 15 great choices.

While many families give teacher gifts on other holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, National Teacher Day is a special time of year when teachers are recognized for their profession.

And what do teachers like receiving as gifts?

Heartfelt notes from their students are particularly meaningful. School supply gifts can help teachers replenish their supply closets, especially near the end of the year, when supplies are thinning. And gift cards let teachers either splurge a little on themselves for all their hard work or buy more supplies for the classroom.

We’ve found lots of cute ways to gift school supplies and gift cards, so check out this list!

Teachers Day Gift Ideas


School Supply Gifts For Teachers

  • School Supply Gift Basket For Teachers

What a cute idea! This little backpack is filled with school supplies like glue, pens, and pencils, but it also has a couple of goodies just for the teacher to enjoy, like lip balm, mints, and a gift card. The tag reads, “Thanks for always having my back at school this year.” How clever.

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Sticky Note Teachers Gift

  • Sticky Note Teachers Gift

The note says, “Thanks for sticking with me this year,” and is perfect for gifting sticky notes, school glue, glue sticks, magnets, or tape to replenish the teacher’s supply at the end of the year.

Print this idea at Crafting Chicks


Personalized Teachers Notebook gift

  • Personalized Teachers Gift Notebooks

These personalized notebooks are super easy and inexpensive to make. You can have a couple ready in about 10 minutes! These little notebooks are great for just throwing in your tote bag or purse to jot down notes when you need to.

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Teachers Day Gift Card

Teachers Day Gift Card Target

  • Teachers Day Target Gift Card

It’s no secret that teachers love Target. And what’s not to love? Not only can they get school supplies on the cheap, but they can splurge on themselves, too. Give this to any teacher who’s keeping your kid “right on target” this year.

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Printable gift card teachers gift

  • Teachers Gift Card Holder

I laughed when I saw this gift card idea, so it’s sure to bring some smiles to teachers’ faces, too. You can include a gift card to whatever store you want, and the crayon-themed card reads, “It’s time to get your cray-on!” It’s the perfect end of year gift for teachers.

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Funny apple teachers day gift idea

  • Apple Teachers Gift Card Idea

Because teachers can’t live on apples alone… so true! It’s a funny, tongue-in-cheek way to give a gift card to your favorite teacher.

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Teachers Day Gift Card Printable

  • Book Store Gift Card For Teacher

This book store gift card idea includes a sweet card that thanks the teacher for instilling a love of reading in his or her students. Add a gift card to a local or online bookstore to complete this present.

Get this printable via Kenarry


Gift Card Holder For Teachers Day

If you have a fantastic local bakery, this “one smart cookie” idea is terrific! Our favorite part is that it includes a section where your kids can write out what they’ve enjoyed about their teachers.

Click for more via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Teachers Day Gift Jar


Teachers Day Gift Jar


  • Teacher Drink Jar Gift

This “refreshing” gift idea is frugal and cute. You can include flavored water packets inside or even a gift card to a local smoothie or coffee place that allows patrons to bring in their own drink containers.

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Teachers Gift Jar

  • Jar of Sunshine Teacher Gift

Great teachers really do help their students shine! This jar gift is full of yellow goodies, like yellow Laffy Taffy, chocolates with yellow or gold wrappers, and yellow drink mixes.

This idea via Happy Go Lucky


Dance Teacher Gift Jar

  • Dance Teacher Gift Jar

And, of course, we don’t want to forget the teachers from our kids’ extra-curricular activities. This “Thanks for keeping me on my toes” pedicure gift is perfect for dance teachers!

Find out more at Mama Cheaps


Unique Teachers Day Gift Ideas


Personalized Teachers Day Gift

  • Thank You for Helping Me Bloom Clipboard

This sweet clipboard would make a great teacher appreciation gift during the spring months. It reads, “Thank you for helping me bloom,” which is so appropriate for teachers. Pair this with some nice pens or legal pads, if you’d like.

Idea via Hey, Let’s Make Stuff


Teachers Day Tote

  • Chaos Coordinator Tote Bag

It’s such a cute design for a tote bag, and it’s an appropriate gift for teachers and teachers’ aides. It’s perfect for near the end of the year when teachers are coordinating field trips for their students. They’ll need something to carry all those checklists, forms, clipboards, and pens in while they’re on the go.

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Teacher Gift vase

  • Cork Board Vase Teacher Gift

This cork board vase is clever. Not only is it cute for presenting the teacher with a bouquet of flowers (or better yet, a bouquet of pens, pencils, or markers), but they can tack important notes onto the vase using thumbtacks. Be sure to include a pack of thumbtacks with this gift!

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Teachers Day Cake


  • Teachers Day Cake

We love gifts that include sharing and this adorable apple themed teacher cake is the perfect gift for sharing with the whole class or staffroom. Super easy to make but with a BIG impact, any teacher will be sure to love to receive these pull apart cupcakes.

Cake for teachers day recipe here.

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Teacher day gift ideas

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